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Casco Nordic Eyewear

On those cold blustery days when one are actually out in the snow cross country skiing, sunglasses fog up, get drenched and it’s difficult to see. The cross nation ski world has discovered a resolution – nordic goggles that sit above the nose as well as swivel up. Biathletes first began utilizing theses ski goggles, made by Casco, a German company. At that point the expert cross country skiers discovered them. The biathletes are actually huge devotees because they right now do not need to take away their glasses when shooting. Casco, has actually been actually making the Casco Nordic Spirit Vaultron for several years right now.  The Nordic Spirit Vaultron is best for skiing on those windy, snowy days. The Casco eyewear serves as both a ski visor as well as sunglasses. This ski eyewear has a headband that supports a floating lens, permitting airflow between the face as well as the lens to decrease fogging. Sunglasses tend to fog up and get snow covered when out skiing as well as these items gets the better of this complication.

The lens is actually made up of a tough impact resistant material, that is actually even chemically immune. This will definitely protect against scratching as well as damages to the lens making use of wax remover, klister, or waxes (or even flying bullets at the shooting range if you are biathlete). The material was originally fashioned for the Apache helicopter windshield, as well, and is actually even water repellent. Throughout a snow storm, one can wear these goggles and water will bead off the lens enhancing visibility. The eyewear also swivels up in 2 positions so it is able to also be actually used as a visor if snow is actually coming down at an angle.  The high quality material used to swivel the lens up (particularly if you are a biathlete and are at the range) is notably superior to the made in China knockoffs.

casco_vautron_black Casco Spirit Vaultron on Amazon

The fundamental distinction between these this product and other flip up nordic ski goggles is:  the Casco Spirit is German made, not made in China, hence the quality of the goggle is far superior. The Spirit Vaultron comes with 2 lenses– rose for low light, as well as a photochromatic lens. The photochromatic lens changes in transforming light. The eyewear has anti-reflection mirror lenses. The lenses are optically first-rate to sunglasses, and offer sharper images since of their lower refractive index. It offers 100% UV Protection. For the model we offer headband comes in black, and the medium fits most heads.  If you have a very large head, then consider the large size.

Nordic skiers as well as biathletes who utilize these Casco visors adore the lightness of eyewear because they are actually 15 per cent lighter than other eyewear. Casco’s extraordinary ability to swivel the lenses upward without getting to eliminate the eyewear from the head is actually a big sensation and skiers adore that they it does not fog up. The anti-fog technology and the binary lenses additionally makes this item extremely high in demand.

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