Fischer Carbonlite Hole – Skate Ski Review

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Fischer Carbonlite Hole – Skate Ski

The Fischer Carbonlite Hole skate ski is a leading performing cross country ski fashioned for the serious skate skier, whether you are a competitive racer or a performance oriented skier. This skate ski is for an individual looking for a top level ski that prefers lightness, ease of maneuverability, as well as a rapid ski. More metals have been won on the nordic world cup circuit on the Fischer Carbonlite Hole skate ski than any other ski this year. When you are looking to purchase the Fischer Carbonlite Hole skate ski, this ski comes in medium as well as stiff flex. A sizing chart will definitely inform you which flex to choose based upon your weight.

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The Fischer Carbonlite Hole skate ski has actually a built in NIS plate which allows you to move the binding forward and backward. This is optimal for varying snow conditions, differing landscapes, as well as skier preference. On hilly terrain the binding can easily be shifted forward because the skier normally sits more on the tails when skiing uphill. When it’s snowing, or with soft snow conditions, the binding are able to be moved backwards, allowing the tip to ride higher in the fluffy snow. Ordinarily the binding is situated at balance point, however this NIS plated ski, married with a NIS binding allows you the capability to change the binding’s position.

This skate ski overall weight has actually been lessened by carving out a hole in the upper end of the ski, thus the terminology “Carbonlite Hole”. The overall weight of the ski has actually been reduced by 4 ounces, which offers exceptional swing weight to the ski. This can reduce your time by almost 30 seconds in a 50k marathon. The ski is constructed with Fischer’s Air Core Technology, making it the lightest ski in Fischer’s line of nordic skis. Peter Northug, Norway’s and one of the world’s best cross country skiers, is on this skate ski.  We have this skate ski in stock.  This Fischer ski is also sold as part of a Fischer Race Performance Skate Skis.

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