Nordic eyewear

Review of the Casco Nordic Spirit, Nordic Spirit Competion and the New Nordic Spriit II Carbonic Eyewear

– Nordic Eyewear for Cross Country Skiers

Casco Noric has been manufacturing in Germany two very unique nordic eyewear for several years now (1) the Casco Nordic Spirit II (Spirit II) and (2) Spirit Competition (Competition).  Cross country skiers and biathletes loved this eyewear.    The Spirit II is perfect for skiing on those windy, snowy days just like the other two ski goggles still being made.  This nordic eyewear serves as both a ski visor and sunglasses and come with a headband that supports a waterproof lens that is suspended above the nose which permits airflow between the lens and your face, effecitvely minimizing fogging.  Normal sunglasses or other eyewear generally fog up and get snow covered when out skiing.  Alpine ski goggles just don’t work.

The nordic eyewear has a lens that is fabricated with impact resistant and chemically resistant material to prevent scratching and damage to the lens.  This is particuarly important when working around klister, liquid waxes or wax remover that could splash and damage the lens.  The lens came from the Apache helicopter windshield so it is designed to last.  The nordic eyewear is also water repellent and during a storm, water will flow off the lens, thus improving visibility.  One of the greatest features is the swiveling lens – it swivels up in two positions to block oncoming snow or to flip up when you are talking to a fellow cross country skier at the ski center.

The main difference between the Casco Spirit II and the Nordic Competition is the number and types lenses it comes with.  The new Spirit II is sold with 3 lenses – clear, amber and a photochromatic. The photochromatic lens changes with changing light. The Nordic Competition comes with two lenses: clear and photochromic. The Nordic Spirit also comes with two lenses: amber and clear. All three Casco have anti-reflection lenses.  The headband comes in two colors: black and white and are made in two sizes – small/medium, and medium/large.  Most heads fit the small/medium.

Cross country skiers and biathletes appreciate the lightweight eyewear .  Being almost 15 percent lighter than other eyewear you hardly notice them on your head. Casco’s unique ability to flip the lenses upward is a big hit and everyone loves their anti-fogging ability.  If you are considering purchasing the Casco visors our retail and online call our shop for these products.