Ski Wax

Ski Wax

When out cross country skiing, waxing is of parmount importance in achieving skis that glide and an overall experience.  Swix has been the kick wax and glide wax of choice for generations of nordic skiers.  Swix wax is manufactered oversees.

At the beginning of the cross country ski season, and about every 5 or so hours of skiing it is recommended to clean your skis and re-wax them.  A dirty base results in a slow ski. It is recommended to always clean the ski bases before applying new wax. If you have waxless touring skis the tip and tails can be treated with hotwax.  The middle of the ski generally has a waxless base, with what the nordic ski world calls “fish scales”.  This area should not be treated with hotwax but rather a liquid glide wax.

Step 1: Cleaning Your Skis
1. Use a scraper to remove any debris that is on the base.
2. Apply the base cleaner and wait around 60 seconds.
3. Wipe clean with Swix Fiberlene Paper or a soft, clean rag.

Step 2: Wax the Tips and the Tails

You can either use a hot wax or a liquid glide wax on the tips and the tails to improve glide.
1. Apply the Swix glide wax by melting the wax onto the ski (not on the fish scales, though) – drip the wax on first then wax it in.  Don’t let the ski get too hot.
2. Let the wax dry – usually around 15-20 minutes
3. Scrape off the wax using a plastic scraper until no more wax is removed.  Don’t forget the ski edge and middle groove.

If you don’t want to use a hot wax (and the mess it does make) then a liquid glide wax will work, but it may not last as long.
1. Apply the liquid glide wax such as the Swix F4 Glide wax on the glide zones.
2. Let the ski dry and then it is ready to use.

Step 3: Wax the Kick Zone

The wax zone of a waxless ski (scales in the kick zone) should be treated with a liquid wax such as the Swix F4 Glide wax or the Toko Express Mini Wax. The kick zone can be treated with this wax every time you go out and ski.  As you can see this wax can be applied to the entire base, as needed.  For a waxable ski in the kick zone, either a hard wax or klister should be applied, taking into consideration temperature, humidity and age of the snow.

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